Caliper vs İBB with fake video and subtitles

Saturday April 30, 2022

It was determined that the person in the images released by Misvak and TGRT did not resemble Şafak Duran, who was taken into custody. It was noted that the captions used in the images released by Miswak and the speeches in the video did not match.

A video that appears to belong to TGRT was shared on social media by Misvak the day before. İBB was targeted in the video about Şafak Duran being arrested and detained. But the video soon turned out to be fiction. Both the person in the shared images and the captions are incorrectly edited. Even though the video rewinds and plays, the subtitles seem to keep changing.

Arrested Şafak Duran and PKK member Sara in the video

In the video someone calls a PKK woman “Heval Sara”. The person who shot the video said: “Heval Sara, you are participating in this action as a healthcare professional, what will you say?” the question arises.

Sara replied: “We’ll hold on, hopefully nothing will happen to our comrades. We will leave and return with good news, goodbye”. “I hope you’re not needed,” says the videographer.

In the captions of the conversation in the shares: “Everything will be fine. We did your job too. The health workers could not. That would be a vet. It did not happen. I’ve been treating pigs for years. This is the end. The city will be fine. I got the message Social worker. You distribute help cards”.

It has been confirmed by that the person in the published images is not Şafak Duran and the subtitles are wrong.

He had posted the video on Miswak the day before.

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