Don’t Miss Your Eyes – Irmak Zileli Book Summary, Subject and Review

Whose work is Averting Your Eyes? Who is the author of the book Don’t Avert Your Eyes? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Averting Your Eyes? What is the book Avert Your Eyes about? Do you have a link to the Do Not Avert a PDF download? Who is Irmak Zileli, the author of the book Don’t Take Your Eyes Off? Here is the book synopsis, lyrics, reviews and discussion of the book Don’t Avert Your Eyes…

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Writer: Irmak Sileli

Publisher: Remzi bookstore

ISBN: 9789751416193

Page number: 232

What does averting the eyes say? Topic, main idea, summary

Even though they say every woman is born a mother, fear. Because what you were told is wrong. From a mother who was not born, from boils. Ever since you heard about Hitler’s trial, you’re even more scared. Being the woman left naked with her baby on her lap in the warming tree… That’s what you were afraid of. You sat on your baby and saved yourself from burns.” Telling the story of three generations of women from one family, Don’t Avert Your Eyes challenges the myth of motherhood with its sacred halo to the cracks in that from patriarchal culture since A halo that has been polished for thousands of years unites universal questions of belonging, loneliness, guilt and conscience.

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Blindfolded Quotes – Lyrics

  • … stop forming yourself by looking at others.
  • The eyes are the mirror of the soul.
  • To determine your relationship with the person in front of you, it is enough to decide how to call him. Or just let him call you…
  • You say like someone who is acting particularly cheerful and talks incessantly to hide that they are very upset and are afraid that they will suddenly cry.
  • Having to do everything together meant doing nothing together.
  • A person cannot call home a place where he cannot implement his own decisions. If you’re busy sitting, eating, showering, watching TV, this house doesn’t belong to you.
  • “Hope is a recent graduate at the government office, where pre-retirement civil servants work. Enthusiasm is his goygoy. Therefore, their intrusiveness is tolerated.
  • You said you think about whether we’ll grow old or whether we’ll be born again and grow. Perhaps you have sensed that the need within you could be growing pains. “Of course, motherhood teaches a lot,” she replied.
  • You were ready to be someone’s other half. It didn’t matter if he was your other half or not. They would have given the loan without any guarantor, without any fee. It would be your shame to hang up the rules that are left to you when many have already put them on the table from the start. You used to open doors and throw your toy box in front of them just like you did as a kid.
  • This means that a person is only considered married if they have found a wife. Here is further proof that the parental home is not a child.

Blindfolded Rating – Personal Ratings

With a mother, our life takes shape. Our basis is always “this woman”. It grows with us, it raises our child with us. It’s always there, sometimes we get angry and sometimes we hug tight. We seldom pick up an instrument when we’ve reached the age when we can do everything as well as he does. As we strive for flawless composition, we see that we hit the same notes. Even if the melody changes from place to place… We go into the depths of life in which mothers play the leading roles. The author trusts his reader very much, he goes with him and leaves the missing lines to him. I read a great book. “Don’t take your eyes off” (dimple dimple)

Over three generations of women; It is a work in which the social roles of women are dealt with in detail. Spouse, mother, daughter, housewife, working mother, we all have roles to play and all of those roles have a collective consciousness. Where does the pressure of the imposed roles take us and how are the wounds passed down through the generations? So can we be free of ourselves when we see the “human” behind it all? Although this book won’t give you the answers to those questions, it will help you find your own right answers. (selene)

Hello, Irmak Zileli’s book Don’t miss your eyes is very good again. She has described the world of mothers and daughters very well. I loved that he gave the reader all the details of the relationship. You understand very well her desire to have Rüya by putting yourself in Didem’s shoes. You fret over your disappointments and wonder what I would do if I were you. I appreciated her observations on mothers and families in her book I had read previously and she reinforced this book for me. I just didn’t like the cover of the book, like it could have been different and more meaningful. (Sign Bergen)

Do you have a link to the Do Not Avert a PDF download?

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Who is the author of the book Irmak Zileli?

IRMAK ZILELİ was born in 1978 in Istanbul. He studied social anthropology. He worked as a reporter for television and magazines. He helped found Roman Heroes magazine and was editor-in-chief of the first 6 issues. Since 2006, he has continued to write in the column entitled “Redirected Sentence” in the newspaper he publishes, Remzi Kitap, as well as reviews and critical articles in various magazines and newspaper supplements.

Zileli’s published works include his first novel Eşik (2011), which won the 2012 Yunus Nadi Novel Award, a research titled Bayram Çocukları (2004), and an interview with Halit Refiğ titled I Searched for the Truth, I Loved the Beautiful ( 2009).

Zileli’s second novel Don’t Miss Your Eyes was published by Remzi Bookstore in 2014.

Irmak Zileli books – works

  • last look
  • in the shade
  • Don’t avert your eyes
  • threshold
  • broken watch

Irmak Zileli Quotes – Lyrics

  • An ordinary man. Nobody knows about the crime he just committed. A little girl. For now in her mother’s arms. A loaf of bread on the floor. I am the only witness to the incident. (broken watch)
  • … people don’t give up hope for such a creature, neither from God, nor from people, nor from the power of life, maybe I didn’t die, I won’t die. (last look)
  • “Let’s go and have tea by the sea. Drinking tea is important. Let’s see if you can have tea with someone for hours, everyone drinks beer, raki, wine, can you have tea?” (in the shade)
  • Her husband is with her, what else? But no, people are looking. Even if she is a husband, on the day of her birth she wants to be with him, the woman who gave birth to him. We need someone who has had the same difficulties. (threshold)
  • Do you think a soulless being can understand the feelings of others? Look around and think of people who are rude, selfish and insensitive to other people’s feelings! They will see that there is a problem in their own spiritual world as well. (broken watch)
  • The eyes are the mirror of the soul. (Don’t avert your eyes)
  • He says politics isn’t good, it brings nothing but misfortune, politics separates, divides, divides people. Lovers, families, mothers and their children. (last look)
  • I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but even though I’m a watch that can take people’s pulses, I can’t touch them. After all, I’m like a ghost, maybe a ghost, invisible, intangible. (broken watch)
  • “Imagining feels like death to you, afraid to disappear when you dissolve into one, to mutate when another merges with you… So all you can do is rule. You destroy the other to survive.” (in the shade)
  • The devil says bring the child back to the mother’s house. Of course it was necessary to ask the devil; What would he do with that father in his mother’s house? He hissed through clenched teeth without announcing to either, “Hahhh! Forty mules or forty leashes?” (broken watch)
  • … stop forming yourself by looking at others. (Don’t avert your eyes)
  • “People think they can only speak with words, but if you spend some time with animals, you’ll know that language isn’t just about words.” (in the shade)
  • Even in restaurants, the smallest table is for two people. They don’t want you to build a single life.. (in the shade)
  • … the greatest sin in this life is lying. Politics loves lies, art loves the truth. (last look)
  • …just as happiness comes after a good day, a good sleep comes, so a life well spent brings a happy death. (last look)
  • Having to do everything together meant doing nothing together. (Don’t avert your eyes)
  • “They are the people who put their hearts into the same cause, for the same purpose, using their wits, their wealth, and their intensity. Can there be a better reason to unite two people?threshold)
  • … what else is expected of you men when the only place you prove yourself is on the battlefields, that’s for sure, fail your politics, fail your heroism, fail your epics, I’m sick of you all! Actually you are all cowards who whistle while walking through the graveyard, you have no idea who you are trying to teach this bullshit to. (last look)
  • He looks in the mirror… he feels sorry for himself… he cries every time he cries. She cries like she hasn’t cried in years. (threshold)
  • – It’s more like I’ve never been there. Just because a person’s physical presence is there doesn’t mean that the person is fully there. I wonder if there is a place where man can be found with his soul, body and spirit. Probably the greatest peace in this life would be to taste it. (in the shade)

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