Gülse Birsel returns to her new address with 2 films and 1 TV series

Gülse Birsel has made her expected move… She is back with new projects

Gülse Birsel is said to be returning to the screens. It is a question of great curiosity as to which digital platform Gülse Birsel prefers. Gülse Birsel has not yet commented on this.

However, some news sites contained information about the digital platform with which Gülse Birsel has reached an agreement.

Gülse Birsel is said to be returning to the sets with two films and a TV series. It is even among the information that the series will last 3 seasons.


Gülse Birsel had previously briefly commented on her new TV series project and informed about her work.

In the evening paper news; Birsel shared a moment while writing a script on his social media account: “There is no need to panic friends. i write it No, because you stop and brush in the street or something, that’s why I say it.”


On the other hand, Gülse Birsel should earn 30 million TL with her new projects.

Gülse Birsel, known for her TV series European Side, Jet Society and Yalan Dünya, is known as a writer, screenwriter and actress. The comedy series he has written are among the most watched TV series in Turkey. Their new projects are also likely to tumble ratings.

The information also includes that the first season of Gülse Birsel’s new series will consist of 10 episodes.

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