He mugged his best friend! He filmed his friend being beaten to death

According to Tremillo’s mother, his daughter Maya Tremillo was called to the park late by her 17-year-old best friend Ahliah Vestal to bring her borrowed shoes. Upon arriving at the park, Maya was brutally attacked by Savannah Walker as she approached Ahliah’s car.

Savannah, who jumped out of the car and jumped on the young girl, beat her to death while her close friend Ahliah captured those moments on camera and shared them on her social media account. Although he tried to escape, he failed and was badly injured. Her mother, Kross, claimed her daughter Maya had received threats before. She had recently even filed a complaint with the police for harassment and threats. However, their complaints were disregarded as no crime had been committed.


According to Kross, the cause of the fight was a man. The grieving mother stated that her daughter Maya was very traumatized, depressed and emotional. Kross expressed that he was very concerned about his daughter and said he hoped Walker would seek counseling about anger issues and that there would be an outcome to ensure the girls didn’t do anything like this again.

THE SCHOOL WILL ALSO impose disciplinary punishment


Now the police are reviewing the pictures shared by Ahliah on social media and are continuing the investigation. Tremillo is being treated at the hospital for an ankle injury and a concussion. Both Walker and Vestal were arrested shortly after the incident and released on bail. At Clifton High School, which is her school, it was reported that the students who were there and witnessed the incident are being disciplined.

Maya, who is expected to graduate soon, will likely finish her senior year from home.

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