İnegol News – 2,000 books were distributed on World Book Gifting Day

Yavuz YILMAZ/İNEGÖL,(Bursa,(DHA)-BURSA İnegöl Municipality, together with Halil İnalcık High School of Social Sciences, organized an event as part of the World Book Gift Day. 2,000 books were distributed free of charge to citizens at the stalls set up before the Municipality of İnegol.

İnegol Municipality, in cooperation with the Directorate of National Education and Halil İnalcık High School of Social Sciences, organized an event as part of the World Book Gifting Day, which is celebrated every April. Nearly 2,000 books collected by Halil İnalcık High School of Social Sciences during the year were distributed to citizens free of charge at the stalls in front of İnegol Municipality. Cavit Yakşi, Principal of Halil İnalcık College of Social Sciences, who gave a speech at the beginning of the event, which featured music concerts, mascots, shows, pantomime and clown shows, and the distribution of balloons to children, said that the books throughout Time was collected year with the support of student work, philanthropists and publishers were distributed to citizens in a beautiful event. Director of National Education Ali Doğru said: “Today we are together at World Book Gifting Day. When we started the 2021-22 school year, we started a book-centric agenda in all our schools in İnegol. Today we saw that we are at a good point. This event, which has been going on for 3 years, takes place today with the support of the Municipality of Inegol. I would also like to make a phone call here; We want our dear parents to gather around the book every night and do a half-hour reading activity.”

Mayor Alper Taban said before the event: “We have to take care of the book. Read the first commandment of Allah. So where are we at? We’ve always said we should have books on our minds. We said let’s try to read, try to grow, try to be positive people and for that we should read a lot of books. Today Halil İnalcık High School of Social Sciences, our valuable teachers and students have prepared a good work. As a municipality of İnegol, we have supported. Starting today, our citizens can pick up their books here free of charge. 2,000 books are distributed here and there are mini shows. We want these meaningful events to increase in our city. As long as it’s a book. Do you have programs that make people want more than one book in their hands. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this,” he said. (DHA)


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