Interpretation of ‘Aleyna Tilki’ by Ebru Yaşar

Aleyna Tilki, who caused controversy in the music industry with her latest clip, received the comment “I will change the channel, I will not let my children watch” from Ebru Yaşar.

The young pop singer Aleyna Tilki is on the program with her new song “Take It or Leave It”.

The song clip, in which the fox danced in her underwear in her bedroom and took off her skirt on her bike, became the center of attention.

Gülşen supports Aleyna Tilki, who was criticized by part of the music industry for the obscene moments in her clip.

Recently, Cüneyt Özdemir’s “Good Voice, Terrible Song, Bad Clip!” Fox, receiving criticism, responded, “Don’t limit people’s potential anymore.”

Another reaction from Ebru Yaşar

Singer Ebru Yaşar was also included in Aleyna Tilki’s clip discussion.

The 44-year-old artist, who has two children, Hasan Poyraz and Ebru Su, from her marriage to entrepreneur Necat Gülseven, criticized her colleague.

Ebru Yaşar, exhibited in Nişantasi, “When the kids saw it, they said, ‘Why did it look like that?’ He asks. I think the pictures are wrong, he changes the channel, I won’t let you watch!” used the sentences.

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