Meral Akşener: When we come to power, we will distribute the book “Civil Information” in schools

The leader of the IYI party, Meral Akşener, gave a speech at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey yesterday on the occasion of her party’s parliamentary group meeting. Akşener made statements on the agenda and promised a vote for the 2023 elections.


  • Akşener spoke from the tribune, showing party members the book Civil Information written by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. “When we come to power, we will have this book read in schools” called.

Akşener continued her speech with the following statements:

“You see, the name of this book is ‘Civil Knowledge.’ Do you know who wrote it? Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. You will receive this book and distribute it to all our youth organizations. This is our present next to Nutuk from now on.


  • “Marriage Information” It is believed that Atatürk had it published under the name of his adopted daughter Afet Inan to share his vision of citizenship with the Turkish nation, but later wrote it himself. It’s a book he wanted to teach in schools. When we come to power, hopefully we will teach this as a lesson in schools. It’s very important work.

Here are some excerpts from the book “Maritime Knowledge”:

“The Turks were a great nation even before they embraced the religion of Islam. After they accepted this religion, this religion did not influence the Arabs, the Persians of the same religion, etc. to unite with the Turks and form a nation. On the contrary, he loosened the national ties of the Turkish nation; national feelings, national excitement stunned. That was natural. Because the purpose of the religion founded by Mohammed was a comprehensive umma policy across all nationalities.

  • The religion founded by Mohammed was based on a policy of widespread Arab nationalism across all nationalities. This Arabic thought was expressed by the word “Ummah”. Those who embraced the religion of Muhammad were forced to forget themselves and devote their lives to spreading the Word of God everywhere.

History teaches us that all religions were founded by men who, in the ignorance of the nations, shamelessly proclaimed that they were sent from God.”

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