‘Oğuzhan Koç’ message that angered Ümit Erdim

Ümit Erdim, who is remembered for his role as “Arif” in the TV series Life Information, is off screens after starring in the 2019 film Kim is Happier.

He took a break from acting, became a pilot after training and pursued his passion. “It’s an incredible feeling to be in the air. It’s indescribable, the adrenaline is soaring” The married couple Demet Özdemir-Oğuzhan Koç became the first passengers of Erdim in May 2021.


The 36-year-old actress, who got together with Demet and Oğuzhan who were vacationing in Muğla Fethiye, shared her social media account. “Today my guests were difficult. We did a blue cruise to Gocek-Fethiye beaches from above. Thank you on behalf of the school and myself. My first passengers were very cool.‘ he had used.

The famous singer and the beautiful actress are on Instagram. “May we always have such beautiful trips. Thank you” had written a message.


Finally, Ümit Erdim revealed a message he received from social media.

The follower who tried to contact Oğuzhan Koç sent a message to Ümit Erdim. “Greetings of hope, we want to reach Oğuzhan Koç. We will ask him for a mini concert at our factory picnic. Can you help me?” he asked.

Followers, in the continuation of the message to Ümit Erdim “You can join if you want. You benefit from our free barbecue party” called.

“This quality will kill us!”

Ümit Erdim, reaction to the news “This low quality, this style will end us. We really misunderstand the concept of sincerity.” used the phrase. The famous actor also shared the news on Twitter.

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