Queen Elizabeth put down the walking stick

Queen of England, who turned 96 last week, Elizabeth posed with her health issues and walking difficulties. The Queen entertained her guests without a cane.

Queen of England II Elizabeth had a personal meeting with Swiss Prime Minister Ignazio Cassis and his wife Paola.

The Queen’s return to her sane old days attracted attention.

The Queen, who celebrated her 96th birthday at Sandringham last week, has returned to work at Windsor Castle after a week of rest.

He got up without a cane

Despite mobility issues in recent months, the Queen shook hands with her guests and snapped photos in the Oak Room’s living room.

According to Reuters, the Queen was spotted standing without her walking stick.

Queen Elizabeth laid down the No. 1 walking stick

Son can be blocked

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, who bears the title “Duke of York”, had been brought to Parliament’s agenda the previous day over allegations of sexual abuse.

Queen Elizabeth discarded the No. 2 walking stick

The smile on his face drew attention

Members had asked the Queen to assume all of her son’s titles for the City of York.

Despite these recent difficulties, the Queen appeared in good spirits with a big smile on her face as she greeted her guests.

The Queen was seen to prefer a blue and gray silk dress with a paisley pattern, in harmony with the fruit-motif sapphire and diamond grape brooch inherited from her mother.

Queen Elizabeth discarded the No. 3 walking stick

Countdown to the Platinum Anniversary

On the other hand, there’s still a month left for Elizabeth’s platinum anniversary celebrations.

After completing his 70th year on the throne and “Platinum Anniversary”This historic event of Elizabeth, who will become Britain’s first female monarch, will be celebrated with various events across the UK and Commonwealth of Nations.

Queen Elizabeth discarded the No. 4 walking stick

He will open his palaces

It takes place from June 2nd to 5th “Platinum Anniversary” Street parties are organized as part of the festival programme.

Some of entertainment’s biggest stars will come together in a special concert.

The Queen’s palaces are opened to the public.

Queen Elizabeth discarded the No. 5 walking stick

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