The music ban will hit tourism

ATSO President Davut Çetin demanded that the music restriction apply from midnight in the tourism sector, starting from the festival of Ramadan, due to domestic tourism activity in order to revitalize city tourism. Çetin explained that this ban should not be applied at least during the holiday, Çetin said: “During the Eid holiday, domestic tourism in Antalya and coastal cities comes to the fore. Many bans belonging to the pandemic period have been lifted, but from 12pm at night all kinds of live or band music bans continue. When we normalize, in everything. “We have to normalize,” he said.


Noting that in the tourism sector, entertainment venues have long been closed due to pandemic bans, Çetin said: “At the moment, hookah cafes are still closed and they have to open. If we look at the pandemic period, there are 2 bans on music and hookah cafes. Music broadcasting is to be taken seriously in terms of domestic tourism.” We call Antalya a city that entertains and entertains. Live and band music transmissions should be possible at certain decibels, just like in the old normal days. These pandemic-era bans should be lifted,” he said. (DHA)

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