A big change was made before atv’s new summer series started!

TVGazetesi.com / Detay – TV stations are preparing new productions for the summer… ATV will also have surprises for the audience. İlhan Şen is one of the most talked about male actors lately and the famous actor is about to meet his fans on the ATV screen soon.

İlhan Şen has landed a new deal after the 42-episode TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam aired on Fox TV. Fans of the actor were also surprised that he is set to return to the big screen with a TV series after just surviving a tough TV series marathon. The new series Ah Canım Hayat has been on the agenda for some time.

The name of the series, which is expected to be released in June, has been changed. Recently, many producers prefer to change first names, looking at comments on social media or for other reasons. The new TV series Ah Canım Hayat has also been renamed Time to Love…

The fact that İlhan Şen became partner with Deniz Işın surprised and delighted fans in equal measure. For İlhan Şen, who had a very successful trial with Burcu Özberk, the new ATV series means a new and great experience.

The fans, who are very curious about the harmony and energy of the duo Deniz Işın and İlhan Şen, are also eagerly waiting for the team to go to the set on May 12th. The news and photos from the series will make fans love the project called Sevmek Zamanı more.

Yıldız Hülya Bilban is the director of the series being prepared by Process Film. You will see the story of the characters Kaan and Firuze in the series, which is scripted by Merter Savaş.

There are also names like Toprak Can Adıgüzel, Beran Soysal, Mütalip Müjdeci, Çağdan Onur Öztürk, Nimet Iyigun, Zeynep Oymak.

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