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In a time of wanderlust, one of the most important festivals in Germany, Snowdance, won the “Best Film” and “Best Screenplay” awards in 2021. Uluc Bayraktar‘s first feature film 9.75 today it is one of the productions that should be talked about the most…

Uluç Bayraktar, who founded the film world as Çağan Irmak’s assistant director and later directed successful productions such as Ezel, Son, Karadayı, bears the signature of Mehmet Eroğlu, who was very impressed when he read it. “9.75 square centimeters” adapts his book with Damla Serim for the cinema. Cast of the film that hit the audience on Netflix Nejat Isler, Menderes Samancilar, Funda Eryigit, Berkay Ates, Eylul Dursun, and Sebnem Bozoklu and Erkan Kesal They share.

The film is about the story of novelist Ahmet (Nejat İşler) who lives with his transgender neighbor Marylin (Eylül Dursun) in a house near Taksim, which is set during the Gezi period. However, the background of the production is based on a deep trauma from the past. Your name kWith the 9.75 cm scar of a broken glass bottle, the production manages not only to denounce family problems, but also the wounds inflicted by political decisions and at the same time to blow the horns.


Ahmet, who spent his childhood in an orphanage, witnesses an incident as a reserve officer on Mount Gabar. The only thing he remembers from that event is a child named Zinar, and as he tries to write it into a novel today, he’s faced with a vital health issue like a brain tumor and the decision to watch as soon as possible operate. ahmet, “If God chose to write my ending in shallow waters, this time I will not question his decision” He says, trying to finish his novel before his life ends. On the one hand, this effort corresponds to the struggle during the Gezi events. The fact that his home is in one of the most intense places of police violence naturally pulls the backdrop of that period into the film. Ahmet tries to find out what happened in the past, and these are indeed the traces of a great confrontation.


After a long time we watch Nejat İşler playing one of the roles that most resembles him as if he were alive. İşler probably likes the characters she dresses as more, and she lives up to her role with great simplicity and breadth. This success did not go unrewarded. For this role, Jobs won Best Actor at the Bangladesh Dhaka Film Festival in February.

Funda Eryiğit brings to life the character of Serap, with whom Ahmet was initially friends and then quickly turned into a love affair. Like a bird gently landing in Ahmet’s life, he brings a genuine and sincere touch to this story. While the production creates an environment suited to searing the viewer with the fires of love, it never leaves the focus of past trauma and underscores the strain of living with the pain written into our codes.

Capturing a taste between East and West, past and present, death and life, the production is the first film to reveal the vision and potential of Uluç Bayraktar, whom we have often encountered in popular works. He manages to convey his original but not obscure, strong and historical subtext and to merge it with today’s background, without detaching himself from real life and without exaggerating. The fact that a sensitive topic like the Kurdish question is treated without judgement, only with the dimension of a story, takes the staging to another shore. Additionally, Avi Medina’s imagery, effects, and music successfully reflect the political gloom, despair, and shared pain of the characters whose lives were taken..

Although 9.75 is based on telling his story today, cinema lovers shouldn’t miss it, as it mixes a great trauma from the past, oscillating on the fine line between death and life, with the traces of life as if it will sharpening this line Spirit of Gezi, another political criticism, a must-have film.

Elcin Demiroz


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