a lot of Aar: “I don’t address the Z”

pek Aar performs evening concerts and dances on a musician’s theme on the TRT Mzik screen every Friday night. We had a pleasant interview about the music industry with many Aar we met on the occasion of Ramadan Bayram.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of vacation?

Those old holidays that were in my childhood are coming. These beautiful holidays, where the whole family is together, have been prepared and eagerly awaited. the child was very different from his eyes.

What kind of mental process do you go through without stepping onto the stage?

I’m an alright person. I actually cry a lot beforehand, so confidence comes with habit, but I always pray before I go on stage. I don’t think there has ever been a day that I went on stage without praying.

Z Kua changed his habits in music. Rap music skyrocketed. Do you think you’re addressing the Z generation?

I probably don’t, but those who say I follow you lovingly by genes are fine. This is due to my delusion; Music appeals to every emotion so much that every genre is needed. It is possible to want to listen to different music at any moment of our life, in our speed, in our joy, when we want to be alone or in crowds, in short, different feelings. So I think the more styles the better.

Did you design your music accordingly?

No, I didn’t mold it, it’s so important for a person to do what comes from the heart and do what he wants that sincerity can only reach the other side.


What would you like to have your “right to be lazy” about forever?

I love shopping, I love traveling, but when this question came to my mind, the first thing that came to mind was t, I hate to do it (laughs). I have the right to be lazy about this forever.

What is your greatest asset in your life?

If you and your loved ones can say “yes” to all of this, whether you are healthy, peaceful or happy, that is, in my opinion, the greatest luxury in life. Habits and desires can change over time or with age, but without good health nothing happens in life.

What has the pandemic changed in your life, in your attitude towards life?

He has made a great contribution to the outlook on life for all of us. You know how they say “there’s a thousand good things in any case”… It certainly happened in the pandemic. He reminded us of the beauty of life alone, how little we really need, that we should hug our loved ones and those who love us tighter, the importance of communication and all these values ​​in community.

You and your spouse are happily married… you wanted to adopt. What is the current standing?

ok kr Yes! The process goes on and now we are getting impatient. God willing we will meet as soon as possible.


Do you have a dream where you say “if I can do that, it’s okay”, your peak in music?

These points in music never end, people are always curious and ready to add something to what they are doing. God willing, I will keep making music as long as my life allows, as long as God gives life. I think my biggest dream is to let people know that I’ve never heard Turkish music.


What kind of life do you live away from sensations?

I don’t like sensationalism and negative events. The saying ‘Best advertising isn’t bad’ doesn’t mean anything to me, maybe because I’m a very sensitive person. I chose to be on the agenda with love and beauty, and I still prefer it. I have something I made with love. Otherwise, our life is calm and peaceful. I can tell he’s spending time with my loved ones, with my loved ones, with the king.

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