Another “Yakamoz S-245” warning from Cem Gürdeniz… “It’s like offering imperialism gold on a platter…”

Yakamoz S-245 series is set in the same universe as another sci-fi series called Into the Night and was directed by Tolga Karaçelik and Umut Aral, inspired by Jacek Dukaj’s sci-fi novel The Old Axolotl”.

presentation of the series Netflix “Marine biologist Arman, who participated in a submarine study, and his crew fight to the death after a world-shattering catastrophe.” made with expressions.

Named after Mavi Vatan, Admiral Cem Gurdeniz “I have seen hundreds of maritime films so far. I’ve never seen anything so bad. The series humiliates our glorious navy and submarines, Turkish naval officers and non-commissioned officers. Has the government received approval for this film? Under normal circumstances, government permission would have had to be obtained given the use of Naval Forces Command uniforms and state monopoly terms such as the Navy,” he said.


Admiral Gürdeniz continued his warning on this issue in his column on Veryansın Tv with the following words:

“Movie emergency call: The TV series Yakamoz S 245, airing on Netflix since April 20, includes an attack on the past, customs and traditions of the Turkish Navy and submarines. I strongly condemn this series, which distorts and denigrates our deeply rooted values ​​as if presenting gold on a platter to imperialism, and which contains fiction and intentional errors that are in some ways hostile to the Navy. Unfortunately the series goes on and the production team is proud of this strange series. Our people are strongly advised to stay away from this drama.”

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