Bad news from the famous singer: Niran Ünsal underwent a rushed operation

The famous singer, who shared his Instagram account, updated his fans about his health condition.

Famous singer Niran Ünsal, 45, one of the most popular names in Turkish pop and arabesque music, was taken to the hospital and underwent a rushed operation. The singer, who was hospitalized for a period of time last year for a kidney infection, shared his health status with his fans in a video he posted to his personal Instagram account.

Niran Ünsal, who could not bear the severe pain that began in her right rib and had herself examined, was operated on the gallbladder this time. The famous singer, who was taken to the hospital and operated on for the pain that lasted for three days, issued a statement on his Instagram account about his latest condition.


Unsal, who shared the video of her being taken out of the operating room, added the following statements to her post:

“Friends, a severe pain that started under my right rib on April 23 drove me to have surgery. The pain I had for about three days made me get a fever, and when the pain became unbearable I ended up going to the hospital. My blood tests, ultrasound and other tests were done. Due to severe gallbladder inflammation, balloon-like swelling and stones and mud in the gallbladder duct, my doctor took me to emergency surgery.”

“I’m better today”

Ünsal, who said that his health situation is better today and thanked the people who stood by him during this process, ended his sharing with the following comment: “Thank God I am better today. I want to thank everyone I know and trust I don’t know who has private messaged, called and offered their wishes for a speedy recovery. “May God bless you all…” he said.

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