Dawn Sezer gave the good news! Berdan Mardini will also star in the Kolpaçino series

Şafak Sezer, who had met Berdan Mardini for the iftar dinner the previous evening, announced the good news. “I have a special place for Berdan.” With that, Sezer announced that he wanted to give Berdan Mardini a role in his new film.

Famous singer Berdan Mardinihad organized an iftar dinner for his friends in the garden of his home in Bahçeşehir the night before. Şafak Sezer was the most prominent name at the fast-breaking meeting, which saw jokes fly.

Berdan Mardini and Şafak Sezer met at the iftar table

Mardini singing after dinner with Şafak Sezer on the stage he set up at his house “Dawn is my neighbor. We often meet here and sing songs together. I sincerely say that his voice is very good. We can soon do a duet and sing a song together.” He praised the famous actor.

Şafak Sezer and Berdan Mardini made a duet


Sezer, who won hearts with his Kolpaçino series, did not leave the praises of the famous singer unanswered. “I have a special place for Berdan. Keke said, ‘There is a breaking of the fast’ and I came. We will both produce a beautiful song together and I will feature it in my new film.” he said.

Berdan Mardini and Safak Sezer

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