Doctor Strange: Multiverse Madness will not be released in China!

Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness, which was banned from airing in Egypt last week for its LGBT message scenes, has also been banned in China. China did not allow the film to be shown in the country as there were too many gay-themed scenes in the scenes.

In recent years, countries have taken action to address the growing LGBT scene in Marvel films. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar and Kuwait called for restricting scenes with gay content.

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On top of that, the film, which is more than 2 hours long, was shortened by limiting many scenes. On the other hand, Egypt and China responded to homosexual perceptions by banning the film’s release.

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There are scenes where the character of America Chavez, played by Xochtil Gomez, enjoys his own sex. Producer Sam Raimi emphasized that this character is important and showed once again that LGBT perception in films is made in secret.


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