Footage emerges as Alec Baldwin finds out that Halyna Hutchins, who he shot, has died

Footage shows Alec Baldwin shocked to hear the news. The famous actress first puts her hands to her mouth, then lowers them to her chest and then covers her face.

Baldwin says he wants to call his wife if asked by investigators. It all happened on the set of the film Rust, which Baldwin produced and starred in. Due to the scene that was filmed, the famous actor had a gun in his hands, and at that moment the gun was fired.

The first statement from the famous actor Alec Baldwin, describing the scary moments on the set of the film, appeared. The footage was released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

The last moments of the cameraman who died as a result of the accident were also shared. In his statement, the famous actor said he didn’t know how a fake bullet could do so much damage and who put the live bullet in the gun. The intervention of the medical teams who came to the film set after the incident was also included in the footage. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

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