Full support for education with “Hello Book” from the Headmaster

Nevra UÇKAÇ / İZMİR, (DHA) Hamit İhsan Tanes, 49, who has been the head of Onur Mahallesi in Balçova District of İZMİR for 18 years, receives unused books from addresses through the Hello Book application and gives them away for free needy.
Hamit İhsan Tanes, married and father of one child, who has been working as a school principal in the 18,000-inhabitant district of Onur in Balçova for four terms, receives unused encyclopedias, textbooks and novels from addresses with one call and passes them on free of charge to needy citizens from the school principal’s office the Hello Book app. . Tanes, who said he is particularly committed to supporting students continuing their education at Onur Mahallesi, where he was elected headmaster in 2004, said there was a lot of interest in the Hello Book application. Tanes said: “For those who bring their children’s books to us, we allow them to participate in a cycle by giving them next year’s books. The books of all students from 2nd to 12th grade are available here. Prisons and hospitals that want to set up a library in or outside of İzmir request books from us.” We assign them books when they are found.
Tanes explained that “Alo Kitap” started as a local application but spread to all districts and provinces over time, Tanes said: “When we received a demand from the neighborhoods where our other mukhtars are located, we have them extended to all of Balçova. Over time, calls came from different parts of İzmir. We also go to our districts other than Balçova on certain days. “We recycle unused books. We don’t tire our citizens at all. We go and buy them from their homes “Our library in our principal’s office is small, but our transaction volume is high. Even if they don’t bring books, our citizens can get their books for free. We went this way to improve education support. We are very happy.” Nur Balçova: “We try to be in all of Izmir, not just in the city,” he said.
Hamit İhsan Tanes, who graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration but decided to study at a second university after being elected rector, graduated from the Faculty of Sociology at Istanbul University. Tanes, who began offering free counseling services after receiving family counseling training, continued:
“We competed with my son when he was preparing for college. He is now studying psychology. I studied psychology as a third university. I learned German last year Waste and recycling is the future of Turkey. We, as Onur Mahallesi, fully support the “Target Zero Waste” project. There is a hanger hanging on the side wall of our principal’s office. Citizens bring the clothes they wear but do not use We received approval and implemented the “Bring it back” project if necessary. We are also open to suggestions from our residents.”
Nilgün Öztürk, one of the citizens living in Balçova supporting the application, said: “Thanks to this campaign by our headmaster, we value our books as people living in Balçova. I gave the textbooks to my son who is in 2nd grade. There are also people who live in different districts. It’s a good application. (DHA)DHA-General Turkey-İzmir / Balçova Nevra UÇKAÇ
05/01/2022 09:58:04

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