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Poet Hasret Gültekin, who was murdered in 1993 along with 33 intellectuals in Hotel Madımak in Sivas, was born on May 1, 1971. If Gültekin were alive today, he would be 50 years old.

Hasret Gültekin was 22 years old when she was murdered on July 2, 1993 along with 33 intellectuals in the Hotel Madımak in Sivas. 27 years have passed since the massacre.

Hasret Şükrü Gültekin was born on May 1, 1971 in Sivas İmranlı. Gültekin, who started playing baglama at the age of 6, began practicing the selpe technique. He was involved in the production of various albums in the mid-1980s and released his first professional album in 1987. Then he prepared the album series “Newroz”. His second solo album, Between Night and Day, would have a major impact in the future. In 1991 he presented his album “Wings of the Wind” to his audience. With this album he added innovations to folk music.

Gültekin, who started his music career by dropping out of Kadıköy Maarif College and Anatolian High School, was a Labor Party member. The artist gave his first recital at Kadıköy Moda Cinema and released his first album Gün Olaydı at the age of 16. As a music director, he signed many artists’ albums. Hasret Gültekin represented Turkey at international festivals and first became a member of the Socialist Party and when the party was dissolved she became a member of the Workers’ Party. He lost his life along with 32 people as a result of the arson of Madımak Hotel where he was staying in Sivas where he went to Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Festival. A month and a half later, on September 13, 1993, they had a son named Roni Hasret.

After his death, Hasret released a compilation album called “Seçmeler” and the album of the same name, consisting of some songs from the concert “Two Sides of the Aegean”, which he gave with the Greek rembetiko band Prosechos in 1993 at the Gültekin Culture and Art Center .

Influenced by many masters from Haydar Acar to Talip Özkan, from Musa Eroğlu to Arif Sağ, the master artist played all kinds of instruments such as tar, zucchini fiddle, drums and zurna. He adds another dimension to the manual playing technique and presents the sayings of the album with this technique. In the next process he deals with the selpe technique. He represented Turkey at the Young Folk Songs Festival, which he attended at the invitation of the Dutch Ministry of Culture. The album, which he released in 1991 with the name “Wings of the Wind”, is characterized not only by its progressive music, but also by new arrangements and intros, which he has included in works such as “Derman Senderdir”, “Çeke Çeke”, “Yaralı Ceylan ” made The polyphony used in the melodies, the traditional proverbial structure constitutes the main part of the proverbs. It is a revolution in the name of folk music to the point of blending its lines with western music and rhythms without spoiling its essence. The master artist married Yeter Gültekin in 1991.


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