New regulations for museum ticket sales

A new regulation was enacted on the procedures and principles of visitation, assignment, archives, research, and photographing, as well as entry fees for palaces, mansions, pavilions, museums, and factories affiliated with the national palaces.

Within the framework of the regulation of the Presidium of the National Palace Administration, Department of Museums and Promotion, with a letter addressed to the relevant bodies on the procedures and principles and the update of the new admission prices, the admission prices for the said museum , palace and similar historical and cultural places were redetermined. Under the regulation, travel agents can make monthly or annual reservations and receive discounted tickets to museums and similar venues.

The letter from the National Palace Administration stated that the new ticket prices will be effective from May 1, 2022, and the Museum of Islamic Civilizations ticket prices will be effective from May 5, 2022.

The museum card is valid

According to the regulation and according to the protocol signed between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Palace Administration, the museum card is also valid in palaces, museums, mansions, pavilions and historical factories affiliated with the National Palace Administration.

While the Müzekart, Museum Pass Turkey and Museum Pass Istanbul cards were valid in Topkapı Palace, the Harem and Hagia Eirene sections were exempt. It was announced in Dolmabahçe Palace that the Müzekart is valid in places other than the Selamlık section.

According to the new fare rules, Dolmabahçe Haremlik ticket costs 40 TL, Selamlik 50 TL, Haremlik and Selamlik 60 TL. The ticket price for Topkapı and Hagia Eirene is 80 TL. Reduced entrance fees in museums, palaces, mansions and pavilions affiliated with the National Palaces vary from 5 TL to 30 TL.

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