Niran Ünsal was taken to emergency surgery

The famous singer underwent emergency surgery

Niran Ünsal, who has been on the operating table for the past few days, underwent another operation because of the severe pain that started under his right rib. Unsal, who died in hospital as a result of three days of pain, underwent emergency surgery.


Niran Ünsal, who shared the topic on his Instagram account, shared the video of him being taken out of the operating room. The famous singer added the following statements to his post:

Friends, on April 23, severe pain that started under my right rib dragged me to an operation. The pain I had for about three days made me get a fever, and when the pain became unbearable I ended up going to the hospital. My blood tests, ultrasound and other tests were done. Due to severe inflammation of the gallbladder, swelling like a balloon and stones and mud in the duct of the gallbladder, I was taken to the emergency room by my doctor.

“I’m better today”

Expressing that his health situation is better today, Ünsal also said: “I would like to thank everyone I know and don’t know who have private messaged, called on the phone and conveyed their wishes for a speedy recovery. May God be pleased with you all…”


Niran Ünsal was born on August 13, 1976 in İzmir, the second child of violinist and singer Nursal Ünsal of TRT İzmir Radio and law player Ahmet Canevi. He started his music career at the age of eight in İzmir TRT Children’s Choir. When he said advanced choir and youth choir, he participated in TRT İzmir Radio for many years.

Later he passed the exams of the Turkish Classical Music Choir. He participated in the choir for four months. However, he used his musical preference for pop music. Therefore, he left the radio and began to work with the orchestra on stage. He married in the same years. From this marriage he had a daughter named Hande.

He worked for a while as a radio programmer in Izmir, during which time he met Müfit Bayraşa, a member of the singing department of Izmir State Conservatory. Bayraşa asked Niran Ünsal to interpret the composition he prepared for the Pop Show 94 competition. Prizes from the competition included an album deal with S Music. He accepted the offer without hesitation and won first place in the Pop Show 94 competition with the play “Vagile Mine”.

After his first album, Ünsal concentrated on stage works and composed his compositions for names like Metin Şentürk. In 1999 Ünsal released his second album. He collaborated with Attila Özdemiroğlu in his song work Tutundum. The first video clip was “I Confess” with lyrics by Aysel Gürel and music by Niran Ünsal.

“Gönül Hancım”, “There’s My Love”, “A Forbidden Dream” and “Repentance” were other pieces composed by Niran Ünsal. “Repentant” was also the first song he wrote the lyrics for. Atilla Özdemiroglu’s work “Innocent Sins”, “Vurgun” and Sezen Aksu’s song “Firuze”, previously included in the soundtrack of the film “Heavy Roman”, were recognized.

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