Rating of the “dissident artist” by Burak Sergen

Famous actor Burak Sergen, who said that resisting everything is not contradictory, gave an example of the healthcare system and stressed that some things should be given their due importance.

Statements by members of the art and magazine world on Turkey’s social and economic agenda always attract attention.

Evaluations, especially on topics that are hotly debated on the agenda, are met with great approval on the one hand and strong reactions on the other.

In this regard, the last statement that will attract attention came from actor Burak Sergen, who began taking a role in the Smile Kaderine series after leaving the unfaithful series.

Sergen spoke to Tuğba Kalçık from Sabah newspaper.

Kalçık asked Sergen: “Should the artist be an opponent?” asked the question.

“Rejecting everything is not a contradiction”

The famous actress who said criticizing everything is not opposition, “In general, the artist is oppositional because he feeds on the opposition channel. But this opposition is not the opposition that we understand. It doesn’t mean: ‘I’m against everything, I don’t recognize rules, I criticize everything because I’m an artist’.

“The artist must convey the right message”

Dissent does not arise from ignoring moral values, traditions and social values. The maker is not an artist anyway. Since there are also people who take the artist as their role model, it is important not to convey false messages. This is what I mean when I say that artists who are conscientious, moral, and true to their customs, traditions, and traditions should be considered role models. Artists need to convey the right message.

“Just because I’m going to be a dissident doesn’t mean I can be defeated”

Criticizing everything does not mean objecting. We should also appreciate the work well done. There is a saying: “Kill the brave, but do not eat his right”. In other words, we shouldn’t be eligible just because I’ll be an opponent.

“Our healthcare system is fine”

Look, our healthcare system is fine. You can’t just ignore it and criticize it.” he said.

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