Sedat Peker recalled the anniversary of his videos via “retweet”.

He creates the agenda with the videos he shares on Youtube. Sedat PekerOn the anniversary of his first video, he shared his follower’s tweet.

Peker, who hasn’t shared on social media in a while, started retweeting.

The first Youtube video of Sedat Peker, who has an arrest warrant, was shared on May 2, expressing his revelations and allegations. Peker, “The subcontractors of the lawlessness committed against me are Mehmet Ağar and the Pelicans” In the first video he released with the caption, he claimed that former minister Mehmet Ağar, one of the leading figures in the Susurluk scandal, and the Pelikancılar group behind the operation were against him. Peker then posted a video every week.

Peker has not uploaded a new video with his narrations from June 2021 after the 10th video. However, he continued his speech on Twitter for a while. Peker, who has been breathless for a long time after the United Arab Emirates imposed a social media ban, shares messages from RT and Like on Twitter.

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