The picture not looking for movie scenes in Ukraine! This is how the Russian team was ambushed

Russia With two months stalled in the Ukraine-Ukraine war, hot images from the war zone continue to flow. In the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, there was a clash between the Russian team and Ukrainian insurgents, which Russia says it had previously captured. Russian journalist Andrey Filatov captured moment by moment moments of the conflict in the Azovstal industrial zone.

RUSSIAN squad from ambush

The resistance of the Ukrainians continues in the industrial zone of the city captured by Russia. It was raided while a Russian team checked the destroyed homes for security. While Russian soldiers were being attacked by Ukrainian snipers, Russian journalist Andrey Filatov chronicled the heated clash.


In the footage, while one of the Russian soldiers was shot dead under intense fire, it can be seen that the bullets were the target while his comrade tried to move the shot soldier to a safe area. Although the Russian soldier was injured, he did not let go of his friend. It is not known whether the shot soldiers survived being transported to the security zone with the help of other soldiers.

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