Yeşilçam star Kadir Kok died! Who is Kadir Kok? How old was he?

Director Gani Rüzgar Şavata emphasized that Kadir Kok had no unbroken bones during filming, saying: “He was a man who was burned when petrol was poured on him, who broke the glass, came out, fell from the roofs, from the Roofs fell horses and hit the concrete. Kadir Kok was a legend. He dresses in disguise, lives up to the blow he receives, and for years has been a comrade, friend, and confidant of all actors who express the Yeşilçam sentiment. He was one of the employees of Yeşilçam’s cinemas. Kadir Kök spent his last days in Gebze, but his love was always Yeşilçam. In one film, Kadir Kok jumped over the tunnel onto the train. When the director said “locomotive,” the train hadn’t arrived yet. The director said, “The Kadir train hasn’t come yet, stay aloft,” but of course Kadir fell onto the tracks. He crossed the train. Everyone thought he was dead, but even after the train passed, Kadir got up and said, “The film will not be interrupted. Was there damage to the train?’ says. Kadir was such a man. Kadir Kok and Cuneyt Arkın were spiritual brothers. If you say Kadir Kok you will stop, Kadir Kok was a man.”

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