Acun Ilıcalı brought the good news! The participants were overwhelmed with joy.

On the new episode of Survivor All Star 2022, which was released on Monday, May 2nd, 2022, the contestants were overwhelmed by the good news they received. The name who rejoiced the most at Acun Ilıcalı’s good news was Evrim Keklik, whose name was written many times in a row in the elimination council.


Sharing the good news that will decide the fate of the contestants in Survivor All Star, Acun Ilıcalı said, “Friends, from now on there will be no island of absence”.

The happiest about this good news was Evrim Keklik, who spent a lot of time on the island of poverty. Explaining her feelings, Evrim Keklik said: “That was the best Christmas message I’ve ever received. But I love Survivor so much that I loved being away because the more times I go there, the stronger I come back. I was a little interested in that. It was great, thank you.” On the other hand, Acun Ilıcalı humorously said: “We can say that we have changed the island of Evrim.”


Acun Ilıcalı said there will be no additional obstacles and they want the participants to focus fully on the championship. Continuing to explain, Acun Ilıcalı said: “The highest tier of rewards Survivor has ever seen will be yours step by step. You will fly a lot.” He added that joint matches with Greek competitors will begin.

Sude, who was a candidate for elimination on the evening of May 2, was the last candidate to go to the Isle of Absence.

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