Ankara News – The book is at your door

The Mamak community is bringing together residents of the district with books in their homes with the Book at Your Door service, which began and continues during the pandemic process.

Disabled or elderly citizens and those who cannot go to the library can benefit from this service. By completing the Book at Your Door Request Form on Mamak Municipality’s official website, you can request a book via the Municipality’s social media accounts and by calling 0312 320 46 77-0312 367 14 13 between 10am and 4pm request. Mamak Mayor Murat Köse said: “We have to read the universe and life. Reading is important. We opened libraries based on this understanding, but we were not satisfied with that. We fulfill these requests of our citizens who want to read books and reach them with our couriers.


On the other hand, women who take part in Mamak Municipality’s free courses find opportunities for further development in the fields of culture, art, handicrafts, sports and education. Apprentices create successful work with the training they receive in courses such as sewing, embroidery and jewelry design. Some trainees create a source of income with their production.

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