Celebrity chef Danilo Zanna ended his 9-year marriage in one sitting… Danilo Zanna and his ex-wife Tuğçe Demirbilek are back together!

Entry date: 05/03/2022 11:05
Update date: 05/03/2022

Danilo Zanna, who is one of the jury members of the MasterChef competition, does not go off the agenda with his private life. Zanna was married to Tuğçe Demirbilek in 2012. The couple, who hugged their son Zeno a year after getting married, ended their 9-year marriage in the closing days of last year. Recently it became known that Danilo Zanna sailed to a new love. Master chef Danilo Zanna’s photos with his new lover soon became a talking point on social media. After all the events, it turned out that the ex-spouses from the social media posts of the famous chef Danilo Zanna got together. Despite their divorce, Danilo Zanna and Tuğçe Demirbilek, who remain friends, happily posed on their son Zeno’s birthday. Here are the pleasant moments of Danilo Zanna with his ex-wife Tuğçe Demirbilek and their son Zeno…

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