Che Guevara obstacle to Nagehan plaster…craftsmen not allowed – media

HaberTürk columnist Nagehan Alçı, entering a shop in the Fındıklı district of Rize, wanted to take a picture of the Ernesto Che Guevara poster hanging on the wall. The business owner responded to Gypsum and did not allow the photo.


“It has a very special place. Then you will apologize to Che Guevara. When he responded with “Don’t pull”, Gypsum replied “Okay, I won’t”. Plaster responded to the shopkeeper saying “It’s ours” by saying “It’s the world’s this time”. The shopkeepers replied: “There are different cultures in the world, there are different points of view”.


There was a debate about Che Guevara on the show Four One Side, which aired on CNN TÜRK in 2011. When Enver Aysever said to Nagehan Alçı: “It is not your place to speak publicly about names like Che and Deniz Gezmiş”, Alçı said to Che: “This man is a barbarian, a cannibal. He personally dominated and murdered thousands of people and his opponents.”

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