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Behind the huge Cenajans building were several shanty towns that couldn’t be seen from the street. Ciguli lived in one of these slums. When I first saw it I thought it was a cat, it turned out to be a dog. He was a little dog who always looked like a puppy and was still very white for all his dirt.

He was a brother dog whose name was always “brother” because we used to greet each other but never spoke. Abi used to sit in the shanty town against the back wall of Cenajans and played with Ciguli in his garden.

Gradually we became more intimate with Ciguli. When I entered the back parking lot to park my car in the morning, I began to wait with excitement and joy for the moment when I would meet Ciguli. As soon as I opened the door I saw Ciguli’s eyes looking down and that would make me very happy.


I used to love Ciguli as “Oy, oy, oy”. He would impersonate. Hops, jumps, lays on the ground, pats his stomach, tries to come on me. I spent minutes in the parking lot at the expense of being late for work. Sometimes Abi would come up to us and say: “What a man looking for voices, Ciguli”. “Oy” is perhaps every dog’s favorite word, as soon as they hear it they start wagging their tails and dancing happily. Dogs have two differences from politicians when it comes to voting: loyalty and cuteness.

As time passed, Ciguli followed me to the agency. His brother met this situation with understanding and concern. Ciguli comes to the agency’s garden gate and watches over me until I walk through the garden and enter the building. He was so cute that even security guards trained to be grumpy softened upon seeing Ciguli. Because it was impossible not to look at Ciguli and not to smile.


One day I asked Abi. “Ciguli wants to come after me. Would you like to join the agency with me? Would you mind? I’ll bring it back when he gets bored.”

Brother looked at Ciguli and then at me. He was silent for a few seconds. Mendebur Ciguli waited as if experiencing this tension and when his ‘dad’ finally said “Okay” he started wagging his tail.

We opened the doors and asked for retina, zetina, fingerprint and DNA control one after the other and entered the temple of the advertising world with Ciguli. Ciguli became the most famous person in the agency, where there are two hundred employees and most people don’t know each other. He popped up between customer representatives and left strategic planning; She danced in the Telsim group and jumped in the middle of the Yaşar group.


Ciguli, the beauty of the slum, was on everyone’s lips now. This quick “skipping” of hers made her newsworthy. “He came from the back of the slum, he took over the agency”, the lustful beginnings of sentences; Interestingly, it was because almost everyone identified with Ciguli.

Ciguli was never alien to the agency. It was like he was born and raised there and knew every place better than we do. Now I entered the agency every morning with Ciguli. The cold guys who didn’t greet me in normal times said “Ooo, welcome” for Ciguli’s sake.

Although there were dozens of dogs in the agency’s garden, dogs were not allowed in the building. Even though Feryal Pere occasionally visits actor Golden, I expected that someone would object to a dirty stray dog ​​running around inside. But such an objection never came. Maybe it was because the agency owner was crazy about dogs too, maybe nobody wanted to mess with me, or maybe (which would have been the most logical explanation) Ciguli was incredibly cute.


Ciguli soon became a fixture at the agency. During the day he slept at my feet, and when I walked around the workshop he immediately woke up and followed me. We often went out together in the evenings. As I got into my car, he too entered the slum and jumped into his “father’s” arms, exhausted from a day of running around.

Nail Keçili’s daughter Nazlı also loved dogs. He was also very fond of Ciguli. Ciguli began attending board meetings with Nazlı. After leaving a long meeting, I saw that Ciguli went to the hairdresser, wore a beautiful red collar and washed herself with special shampoos so much that she turned into a snowball.

That night there was a party at the Cenajans. Ciguli was also the star of the party. When Hülya Avşar saw Ciguli, she screamed, took her in her arms and loved her for a long time. The next day, Hülya Avşar and Ciguli in her arms were all in the tabloids. TV talked about this little dog for days. There was even a news item titled “From Slum to Summit” in a tabloid. “Summit” was the coat of arms of Hülya Avşar.


One day I took Ciguli to the bank. Ciguli was hit by a car on the street and started throwing up. When he stopped the car and opened the window to get some fresh air, he suddenly jumped out of the car. With all the strength of his four paws he ran towards his house. On the ramp between Yeniköy and İstinye we started a very dangerous chase game that turned the traffic upside down with Ciguli in front and me behind. I don’t know why we both weren’t down that day.

A day or two later came the news of Ciguli’s death. I think someone else saw it from me and took him into his car and Ciguli jumped into the street as soon as he opened the window. He was hit by a car while running towards his house with all his might. He didn’t die easily.

Silence surrounded the entire agency. Nobody has commented. It was in everyone’s interest to share in Ciguli’s “success” while he was alive. Now, however, we were all being drawn into caves echoing our own dark inner voice.

I went to the barracks and knocked on the door of “Brother”. It was obvious that he was very upset. I was also very sad. We talked for a long time without making a sound in that brief moment.

I wish the great accordion artist Real Ciguli a long and healthy life.

To Azer Bulbul, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse; Greetings to all the lonely stars who want to escape the peak’s false embrace and run home.

A NOTICE: On the day of the festival, I wanted to share an article with you that appeared in BirGün 12 years ago. Happy Holidays.

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