Controversial words from Muazzez Ersoy: “Rap is not music!”

On the occasion of Ramadan Bayram, we met Muazzez Ersoy, the voice of Turkish art music. We talked about the past and today, with the art that set a throne in hearts with nostalgia albums.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of vacation?

My child, the years my mother used to buy me holiday clothes are coming. We even bought 2 dresses for a party. Again I remember the handkerchief my late mother gave me to hold the letters we received during the festival when we kissed our elders’ hands. The handkerchief was embroidered, he said, “put your charms into it.” They don’t say “holidays are for kids”…

What is different in the music industry today, what is the same as before?

There is nothing that is a mirror. He used to not buy, sell or sell single cassettes or CDs. There is something tangible. Now everything is digital, there are no more clicks. It can also be a dream who bought what, what sells, what clicked. With fully digital life, the music market has taken a different turn.


What kind of transformation do you think the new generation will see or experience?

I don’t understand what is meant by the new generation? The joke is of course (laughs). Now our future is left to the kids 3-4 next door. Cell phones in hand, they influence the music market. In your opinion, whoever makes the bow wins. We have a problem with that, we can’t get the kids next to us to listen to Turkish art music.

It is said that no new songs have been produced recently and even their grades are running out. Isn’t it possible to create new arcs now?

The notes stay in place, but the generation to use the notes is not enough. They are now playing the music from the computer, there is no longer a soul. A new song is being produced, but the identity has changed. Sheets; don’t bow ‘I think! Unfortunately, the ears were also damaged by distorted sounds. People who have no education and skills make music on the phone, listen to their children, click and become the order of the day.

Slogan tr songs are sung, the songs are distorted, the children listen to the distorted voices saying ‘we can read too’… Something is happening in the music industry that distorted songs are being heard without the child’s mother to click without searching.

The Z belt changed the balance in music. height of rap music. How do you think the Z generation approaches TSM?

I don’t accept rap as music. Fast-paced music in the background, rhythm; On the front are slogans and atrocities that have no distinct depth… that’s the way it is… Even when good things come between, they end and bad things happen. I don’t think rap music is height, it seems like there’s a compulsion. Our rap is Karadeniz Mzii, our rap is Ankara weather, our rap is Konya weather. This is our Z-Rap! As with the Z-type; He will listen to Turkish art music when he gets rid of bars and starts going to restaurants and music venues, music halls.

Are you still considering rapping to keep up with the industry?

Rap is on my right, on my left, behind me, in my soul.

As someone who raises people’s energy by singing a song, what do you do to get eliminated?

If I sing the song, I’ll be eliminated too… Not just the people who see me, I’m also happy because I love music, I love my music… If I don’t enjoy my music on stage, I can I don’t make those who listen to me happy…

Are there points where you struggle with yourself?

My upbringing, my family, my environment and the music I make require some ethical rules. I don’t break these rules, I’m a person living in accordance with Turkish family structure… My struggle is just to make better music, to aim at myself…


What kind of person are you when you’re alone?

Even with the virus mask, they know me by my voice and my physique. It’s been like this throughout the pandemic… When I’m home alone, I’m someone who is preoccupied with my home and myself and enjoys the preoccupation. It’s a complete home. You can say I’m clean, tidy, even meticulous; it won’t be wrong. Everything is OK. You can’t see anything damn in my universe.

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