He started as a hobby and became a painter.

59-year-old Figen Ramazanoğulları, who became interested in the painting she saw on TV in Zonguldak, started as a hobby and turned into her profession. The works of Ramazanoğulları, who have created countless works to date, have been exhibited in France, where they went at the invitation of the French government.

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Figen Ramazanoğulları, 59, who lives in Çaycuma District, became interested in painting when she was a housewife and watched the TV show about painting. Ramazanoğulları first experimented with watercolors and then started making oil paintings. Figen Ramazanoğulları, who started her adventure with nature pictures and continued with underwater pictures, was invited to France after an organizer liked her pictures.
Paris Art Capital 2022, the international art event organized by France, took place from February 16th to 20th. Figen Ramazanoğulları, whose works were exhibited among 6,000 painters and 10,000 works, took their place among 19 Turkish painters.
Ramazanoğulları explained that her job, which she started as a hobby, is her profession and explained the process from housewife to painting:
“I’ve been doing this job for 38 years. It’s a job I love. What I started as a hobby has become my profession. First I started painting nature. Later I got interested in underwater. I started To do underwater because it’s my soul I wanted it I still paint underwater I believe it reflects my soul Think of it as a mindset, like a philosophy of life, like turning negative into positive Over the course around that time a hobby became a profession. Then I graduated from a faculty for two years. Traditionally, I graduated from the Department of Crafts. I used to teach at the Public Education Directorate, I came back to it. Now I teach children to paint. We make beautiful things with my kids. My new course starts every three months. My kids are talented. I would be happy if I can get at least five kids to love art .My children also like to paint with me.Moreover, the city of Çaycuma I cannot forget the support of the President of Turkey Bülent Kantarcı.”

“Life is full of surprises”
Figen Ramazanoğulları described her visit to France, which she was invited to, saying: “These are things that make us proud. We are happy.” Expressing that his projects will continue to France, where he went with his own funds, Ramazanoğulları concluded his words as follows:
“My path led to France. I was invited to the exhibition because I liked the paintings and I didn’t go because I was invited by the French government. I stayed there four days. The Turkish Embassy hosted us. The ambassador took photos with our pictures one by one. It was very beautiful. It’s an artistically perfect setting. The exhibition is the first. On the day of its opening, guests from the government came. It was 8:30 p.m. We left the exhibition hall. Guests queued to enter the exhibition hall. There were 10,000 works in the exhibition. There were 10,000 works of art in the exhibition. There were me and 18 Turks. Of course that is very proud. Our pictures attracted a lot of attention. 6,000 painters took part. These are proud things. we were happy Also, I did not receive any financial support from my region. I went on my own terms. Success needs to be seen a little. I think it should be supported. From now on projects will be continued. It will probably be abroad again. Istanbul exhibition will be. It will be so now that the bar has been raised. Painting, exhibitions, international visits. Maybe it will be your day. In one of them I become a world artist. It’s never obvious. Life is full of surprises.”

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