Here, too, the series and films that are to be added to Netflix in May have been announced.

Netflix, which has millions of users around the world, announced the program for May 2022. The platform will be expanded to include a large number of series and films

Netflix, used by millions of people in Turkey, will shine with its new content. As is well known, Netflix expects new series and films every month.

There is a lot of new and old content on the Netflix platform.

In addition to the world’s most watched TV series that aired years ago, it is also possible to access a wide range of new content on this platform.

Many Turkish TV series can also be seen on this platform. For example, many Turkish TV series play on this platform, such as Uysallar, Bir Başkadır, Hakan Guard, Atiye.

While many domestic and foreign TV series continue to be added to the Netflix platform, new documentaries continue to be added.

The series and films that will be added to the Netflix platform in May caused great curiosity. Luckily, the new series and movies that will be added to the Netflix platform have been announced. The new list was really stunning.

Yağmur Yıldırım has compiled the series and films that will take place in Netflix’s May 2022 program that contains interesting series and films with a message published on

Here are the new series and movies that will be added to the platform. It makes sense to already note the films in the list.


Hold Your Breath: Ice Dive: Hitting audiences Tuesday, May 3rd, this documentary follows Johanna Nordblad as she attempts to break the world record. Ian Derry directs this 40 minute documentary.

3 Meters in the Sky: 3 Meters in the Sky 3 Seasons of the series hits audiences on May 4th. As with the first two seasons, this season will focus on the love life of the character Summer.

Life Begins at Forty: Another piece of content that will hit the audience on May 4th is the film Life Begins at Forty. The film, which hits viewers on Wednesday, is about a chef who enters a cooking competition.

Clark: The crime series about the life of Clark Olofsson will hit audiences on Netflix Turkey on May 5th.

Blood Sisters: Another piece of content that will hit its audience on May 5th will be Blood Sisters. The miniseries, which will air Thursday, tells the story of two close friends, Sarah and Kemi.

The Pentaverate: Mike Myers and Lydia West will star in The Pentaverate, which airs Thursday, May 5 on Netflix Turkey. The series, about the threat to a community that has shaped world affairs for centuries, hits audiences for the first time.

Uncle Aykut 2: The Turkish film, which will be released in theaters on May 6th, is about the life of Aykut who is preparing to marry Gülşah.

My Travel Friend: This new movie, to be released on Netflix Turkey on May 6th, is about the story of Auden and Eli. The cast includes Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli.

The Forced Duo: Another movie releasing on May 6th stars Omar Sy, who we know from the movie Lupin.

The Sound of Magic: The first season of the film, which hits viewers on Friday May 6th, is about the life of a magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park.

Chess: The film Chess, which tells the story of the lawyer who was put in a solitary confinement cell by the Gestapo and his game of chess, hits theaters May 10.

42 Days of Darkness: The series, which will hit Netflix screens in its first season on May 11th, is about a woman’s search for her missing sister in Chile.

Our Father: A woman who learns through home DNA testing that she has multiple half-siblings will uncover a shocking intrigue about a popular infertility doctor. The highly anticipated film Our Father will be released on November 11th.

The King of Escape: The King of Escape Movie is among the content releasing May 11 on Netflix Turkey. The film, starring Dawid Ogrodnik, Robert Wieckiewicz and Jakub Gierzal, tells the story of a bandit who escaped from prison, a folk hero.

The Perfect Family: Part of the May 11 content release on Netflix Turkey, The Perfect Family movie begins with Lucia’s son meeting his girlfriend’s strange family.

Savage Beauty: Savage Beauty, the first season of which will air May 12, is about a woman who seeks revenge for her tragic past.

Bling Empire: The highly anticipated release of Biling Empire’s second season will hit Netflix screens on May 13th. The show’s second season, which is about Los Angeles’ Asian high society, seems to be tiring our jaws even more.

Back to High School: The film, which will hit Netflix audiences on May 13, follows the life of a girl who spent 20 years in a high school coma while watching a cheerleading show.

Erşan Kuneri: The first season of the series about the life of Erşan Kuneri, the unforgettable director and producer of adult films, will be aired on May 13th.

Tuscany: Another film set to hit audiences on May 18 is Tuscany. Mehdi Avaz is directing the film about a Danish chief who goes to Tuscany to sell his father’s inheritance.

Let Your Way Be Open: Turkish Content in Netflix Turkey’s May program will be released on May 23.

Yes, this is the complete list of series and movies releasing on the Netflix platform this month. You can recommend this content to your friends so that they can watch the TV series and movies you like and you can make them watch these TV shows and movies without missing anything. Most of the series and films in the May program consist of Netflix special content.

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