holiday songs

The holiday joy has also set the music world in motion. New songs have been presented one after the other since the previous evening.

Hülya Avşar with new song “Are You Love?” after years called.

“Sometimes” by İrem Derici.

Ayla Celik, the author of love songs, said “Kiss me”.

Cansu Kurtcu came out with “My Heart Is in Your Hands”.

“You’re good for me,” said Oktay Gürtürk after “I’m in love, I’m burned.”

Betül Demir called the shakers “Shaking”.

That means summer is going to be hectic. The movement of the music world means abundance. It will be reflected in venues and concert halls.

What if we do accelerated song analysis?

There is no need to speak about Avşar’s daughter’s claim.

And you can’t compete with that claim. Don’t be fooled by the fact that his brother Helin Avşar wears a suit from the company he owns and shoots a simple clip in front of the mic. You don’t know what tomorrow will do today.

In other words, he said “Are you love?” of me.

On the eve of the eve, he made the first move by singing his own song while driving, saying, “Love? Punishment? Trouble? I couldn’t make up my mind”. I tell you, the new generation can learn a lot from Avşar Kızı. I wish he had written a book. How to stay at the top for years and how to run the magazine …

Avşar Girl knows this business.

The lyrics of “You Are Love” were written by Sezgi Erciyas, Sezgin Gezgin and Filiz Eroğlu. Such a triple alliance would have suited Avşar Kızı years later.

The song is in the style of Hülya Avşar.

It’s a bit like it relates to the love he’s been having lately.

If I remember correctly, in his last statement he said: “I am incapable of experiencing love. I have forgotten. I love solitude.” He is confused about “love”. More precisely, he is too used to solitude and freedom. I think he’s getting his hands on it now. However, I do know that the two met in small steps and continued to fall in love.

Best of all, it’s not a punishment, it’s not a scourge. Greetings to our Avşar Kızı.

İrem Derici, “If you don’t sing from time to time, it won’t work. We will be missed”…

This song came just in time, let me sing it too.

Okay, Cemiyet Bey was good, the duets were good. But we love to see our İrem Derici with assertive clips and songs, friend. And “Sometimes” is one of İrem Derici’s songs poised to become classics.

The clip is classic assertive, İrem style.

Bilal Sonses wrote the lyrics. Ki Bilal Sonses has been a favorite of famous names in recent years.

İrem has cemented her place in the music world with the right song at the right time. It turned out to be the perfect holiday candy.

Well, months ago.

There were days when we were locked at home because of Han Covid. At the time, when speaking to Ayla Çelik, she sent “Kiss Me” by saying, “I’ll send you a song” while texting.

Oh how precious this song is.

Because “Kiss Me” became my travel companion.

On the days when we cooked, cleaned and worked out at home, I said to myself “kiss me” alone in the house. Back then I just sang the song “Kiss me, kiss me” to my cat Latte Bey.

And here’s Ayla saying “It’s time” and bringing out “Kiss Me”.

Oh it felt like medicine. “Kiss Me” is a hit with Ayla’s naivety, beauty and taste.

Years later came the song “My Heart Is In Your Hands” by Cansu Kurtçu.
The song, whose lyrics and music he owns, was arranged by Fettah Can.

Of course, when a musician becomes husband and wife, there are songs where we’re going to say “Ahhh ah” from those two.

Every time I see Fettah Can on stage I say, “You can’t do this, my friend. You can’t write these songs.” And Cansu has contributed to most of the songs.

Unforgettable songs keep coming from the musician couple who get along well and are in love with each other. In “My Heart is in Your Hands” he will rest for a long time.

Clip, styling accurately reflects Cansu.

I love love songs like crazy.

I also love arabesque. In fact, I say it with heart and soul when I walk on live music stages.

Ahhhh. I heard Oktay Göktürk when he first released Aşıkım Yanmış. Then I heard him live a few times in Kallavi where he performed in Etiler. Now Oktay says “You’re good for me”.

The arrangement of “You’re Good for Me” is his own song and music by Tarık Ob.

What is the song he sings of me that will evoke his fans like “I’m in love with him”.

“Shaking” came from Betül Demir after a long time.

Lyrics by Sude Bilge Demir, music by Emirhan Cengiz together with Sude Bilge Demir. “TikTok” came to mind while watching the clip. Just like TikTok dances. Everyone is shaking.

But don’t get it wrong without hearing the song. When Betül says “Don’t shake it” in the song, she also says “Don’t shake it, don’t shake it, don’t shake it. Don’t shake it.”

So while you’re listening to the song, we’re gonna swing, we’re gonna dance.

We’re not just going to shake it left and right.

I’ve been writing for years; “Take care, swing, dance, don’t keep cutting around,” he said. He was on time. Thanks to “Shaking” they come to their senses in a flash in the club.

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