“Just because I’m going to be a dissident shouldn’t deserve it”

Famed actor Burak Sergen made statements to the Sabah newspaper, known for its close ties to the government.

Sergen, who answered Tuğba Kalçık’s questions, “Artists should convey the right message. Criticizing everything does not mean resisting. We should also appreciate the works well done. called.


Sergeant, “Where do you see yourself in your artistic life?” He answered the question as follows:

“I see myself at the beginning of the path. There are many things to do. When you say you’re into art, you start to fall behind. You have to follow trends and innovations in art not make this innovation. It is necessary not to fall behind, either theoretically or practically. We need to get to the bottom of her. I did Neyzen on Broadway years ago in America. Even then it was little news in our country, but it was full-page news in America. I was sad when I saw that. I went abroad to represent my country. because. I love my country and its people very much. I always want the people of my country to be better. I am an artist of this country, I am nourished by our history, culture and traditions – customs. That’s how it should be anyway. Technology has reached a very advanced level in art, but countries have begun to go back to their essence in art, that is, going backwards. They followed the current reflection of the classics of the past.”


famous actor, “Do you think the artist should be a dissident?” He answered the question as follows:

“In general, the artist is oppositional because he feeds on the opposition channel. But this opposition is not the opposition that we understand. It doesn’t mean: ‘I’m against everything, I don’t recognize any rules, I criticize everything because I’m an artist.’ The artist isn’t an artist anyway. Since there are role models for the artist too, it’s necessary not to send false messages to convey. This is what I mean when I say conscientious, moral, faithful to their customs, traditions and traditions Traditions should be taken as role models Artists should convey the right message Criticizing everything does not mean resisting We should also appreciate the good work. There is a saying: “Kill the brave, but do not take his rights”. In other words, we should not be deserved just because I will be an adversary. See, our healthcare system is fine It is not possible to ignore this and only criticize it.

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