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Şahan Gökbakar became one of the political figures of social media after the forest fires in the Aegean and Mediterranean.
Centuries-old plane trees are being felled in Istanbul, and even those who fell them don’t own them, but they send a signal to the community that they know something.
Due to the costliness of the newly introduced plum (which happens every year), the economic crisis plagues.
In Assos, stones are falling on the nation’s heads, the government is grinding down the rocks and saying “devastation is being wrought for road works”.
The Tortum Waterfall flows loudly, but it sings “My Tortum has dried up”.
Job Power Movie Pinwheel!..
It bends, twists, distorts.
Of course, he presents himself on this occasion as a “humanitarian, environmentally friendly, just guru”.
However, last year Recep İvedik 6 was on the program with the claim that the script had been stolen. I spoke to this screenwriter and asked about the outcome of the case.
Cengiz Yılmaz related what happened to him:
“I have written more than a hundred novels and screenplays so far. I took a script of mine to producer Mehmet Soyarslan. As. He said, “Let’s suggest it to Şahan Gökbakar.” Şahan liked it and said to Soyarslan, “You get out of the way”. I’ve waited a few months. Then the script of the film was released. The content, the image, the main theme was mine. Our hero goes to Kenya instead of Konya and the adventure begins. I called, asked and they closed all the doors. They even blocked me on Instagram. There is correspondence and e-mails stating that the script is mine. No chance of rejection. The process has been running since 2019. I opened the case in Trabzon. The first court refused as it was not competent. Second court closed. Then the coronavirus came out. The case dragged on. The judge will hear Mehmet Soyaslan next week. I hope to win. Şahan ve Laundry Film earned millions of liras from this script. He received 87 million lire from the screening and 47 million lire from Netflix. I’m not talking about advertising revenue. But they didn’t give me the 50,000 lira I was due.”
What percentage of the script has been changed?
Cengiz Yılmaz answered this question: “I am the raw construction, she changed the glass and the frame. He turned back to himself cursing,” he replied.
I don’t know how this case will end. If the screenwriter wins, there’s serious compensation in store, upsetting the comedian who’s “hearing” on social media.

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