Mahir İpek told hard! It was difficult for him not to cry

Actor Mahir İpek, who is known from many TV series and most recently appeared on screen with the “Güldür Güldür Show”, was devastated by the death of his mother in January last year. Naciye İpek, who contracted the coronavirus with her husband Aşık İsmail İpek and also suffered from asthma, had her heart stopped in the hospital. Naciye İpek, who could not be saved despite all interventions, was buried in Ankara…

The night before, while chatting with his friends at a place in Cihangir, Mahir İpek saw the press representatives waiting for him, got up from the table and came over to them. famous actor, “Happy Holidays, friends. It’s very cold when you wait for me, I can’t help it in this weather. called.

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“Mahir Bey, are there any projects?” silk to the question “Laughter is laughter, it goes on. There is also a theater in Ankara, I go back and forth there. Go to Ankara every week, play, come back, shoot Güldür Güldür… This year was very difficult for me.” gave the answer.

famous actor, Demet Akbağ returned to the theater stage with the play Aydınlıkevler. What do you want to say?” He answered the question as follows:

“I couldn’t see it, it coincided with my game so I couldn’t go. I have to see it because Demet is one of the most important actresses in Turkey. It’s very exciting to be back in the theater after such a long break. Theater audiences are not like television audiences. Leaving the house and watching a game is one thing and very little. Leaving the house, going to the cinema, theater, concert is very different. I’m sure those who loved Demet were very happy that he was back. It’s a cash register. Demet Akbağ and Yılmaz Erdoğan are great artists.”


your reporters “Mahir Bey it is a very sad holiday for you, you lost your mother in the pandemic. Your pain is too great” Mahir İpek’s eyes filled with tears. The 50-year-old actress, whose mother Naciye İpek lost her life after contracting the coronavirus a year ago, made the following statement while holding back tears:

“The Department of Health explains the numbers, they say, ‘Oh, so many people have died.’ Then look at this statistic, there’s a part of you too. ‘Will it find me among 80 million my dear?’ you say and you will find it. I was positive in Istanbul, my mother was in Ankara, but we were in the same time. my mother died and i couldn’t go because i was in quarantine. we had terrible days. not only for me, all of turkey went through these terrible days. 4-5 people from one family he has his Lives lost. It’s a very hard thing. We really shouldn’t forget these things so quickly, but unfortunately we’re a society with a weak memory. When you say ‘It’s over’, it’s all over. In that sense, they are Europeans more cautious than us and learning from the past. We must not forget what happened. Very, we must never forget.”


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