Muhsin Kut, one of the most important names in Turkish painting, has passed away

Muhsin Kut was born in Istanbul on September 9, 1938 and learned watercolor painting from his grandfather Halit Bakır, who made the first color cliché in Turkey. He also inherited Halit Bey’s interest in the sea and ships, and making ship models became one of his greatest hobbies.

Muhsin Kut, who started with abstract painting, eventually turned to landscape painting. Kut either painted streets and places that weren’t human, or humorous images that were human. He thought that adding figures to his paintings would change the name of the painting, so he considered his paintings with and without figures separately. As the artist is a theme painter, he organized exhibitions on specific themes and in general his exhibitions covered a whole theme.

He opened his first personal exhibition in Taksim

In 1959 he opened his first personal painting exhibition in Taksim Square. The City Gallery, which was then located in Istanbul, consisted of 4 departments and 4 different painters could open exhibitions at the same time. When Muhsin Kut’s application for this exhibition was rejected, he applied to Beyoğlu Municipality and opened his own street exhibition in Taksim Square, where he sold 3 of his works for the first time.

Kut, who opened his second exhibition with an American painter at the Turkish-American Association in 1959, saw that all his works in the exhibition were sold and he reserved 2 of them for himself and sold 28 of his paintings. Most of the money he earned here he spent on setting up his own library.

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