Nanny scandal in society – calendar

SFRONT The very famous celebrity couple whose babies were born during this period hired a caretaker as a boarder.

Everything in the early days on the way supervisor over the months Prominent businessman with a love between began to bloom.

Of course, if the celebrity unaware of love is beautiful, the bond between her nanny and husband learns after months and all hell breaks loose.
One day, the shopping celebrity beauty drops her child off with both the caregiver and her husband.
But the celebrity who is suspicious of some situations never go shopping at the door without leaving wait for a specific one back home after a while it turns. Nanny with his wife on the kitchen counter catch celebrities beautifulHe had a big shock and put his wife and nanny in front of the door at the same time.

Although this incident was gossip among prominent names, the divorce was briefly postponed with the involvement of the families. Even the prominent businessman Give 40 million TL a super luxury yacht gifted. I also saw them sharing the family pose on their boats moored in Göcek.


TOLGAHAN The production of Han Medya owned by Sayışman; The most anticipated film of the year in the detective comedy genre, shot in 5 weeks in Antalya and Istanbul.police officer LukeThe premiere took place recently. As someone who was at the Gala for the first time in a long time, I can say that I missed such organizations very much. With the opening of the cinemas, which had been closed for almost 1.5 years due to the pandemic, the shooting of new films began. It was the first time that many films had been released and were in the production chair. Tolgahan Sayisman He also introduced the film to the audience. You can make the movie watched as a family as a nice activity during vacation.


IN TURKEY With the ban on casinos, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been able to compete with the world in this respect. A group of soccer players went to Cyprus, a country with the best casinos in the world, on the last day. You know, “one of those soccer players who sometimes cut their hair with their soccer ball”… These very famous soccer players were playing in a special tournament here. Of course, 3 soccer players, 1 manager and businessman who took part in this tournament lost a total of 1 million dollars and came back. These 5 close friends lost 15 million lira gambling within 24 hours and went to the club to have fun one night when they arrived.


ramadan Let’s try to enjoy the holiday a little bit these days as we put the month behind us.
“Even though we closed our homes and had a sad holiday last year, let’s have a happy holiday this year embracing everyone. Instead of asking for help on the phone, we want to have a great vacation kissing and hugging.

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