New book by İdris Baluken: From Sincan to Edirne Hasbıhal

WALL – The book “From Sincan to Edirne Hasbıhal-Name” by İdris Baluken, politician, doctor, former Deputy Chairman of the HDP faction and former Deputy of Diyarbakır, has been published by Dipnot Publishing House.

The description of the book is as follows:

“This is our fifth winter in prison… If I were asked to answer in one word what we’ve been up to in five years, I would say, ‘We’ve lived.’ We’ve lived here as if we were outside . If I could describe it in two words, I would say “we experienced resistance”.

I want you to see my letter as a journey from the cell at Sincan Prison on the paper ship that released its soul into the turbulent waters. What his comrade wrote, he saw on the way.

From Sincan to Edirne Hasbıhal – Name, İdris Baluken, 184 pp., Footnot Publications, 2022.

During the hours I paused from writing, you stood before me as if you had been transferred to my cell in Sincan Prison. Sometimes we deepened the conversation, sometimes we went for a walk. For example, we quietly watched the stillness of Kırklar Mountain and looked together at the delicate flow of the Tigris under the Ten-Eyed Bridge. As we dove into the milk froth, Düzce Baba-style in Munzur Eyes, we rushed to catch up with Mother Fatima and light our kindling before dark. We held the most enthusiastic rallies in Lice, Gewer and Cizre that shattered the loneliness of isolation. The heavenly beauty of Lake Van and the legendary majesty of Mount Ararat were in our hands. We sang the song “Feqiriye Çolik mi vira ne şına” together in spring weather when the Bingöl mountains wore their colorful floral green dress. While we were abroad, we took our time to visit the villages of Palu and Gökdere, which we had often planned but could not realize for various reasons. We chatted with our rebellious and noble fiery people by the tin stoves that burned loudly until morning. They served us fried potatoes, lollipops with lots of onions and drizzled with butter, toasted lollipops, kombes and pastries. Our poor villagers pack tandoori bread, fruit pulp and walnuts in the trunks of our cars in Hani. Our objections were unsuccessful. We commemorated Sheikh Said, Sheikh Sharif, Faqi Hasan in Piran, Dare Heni. In Riha, the land of the Prophets, children with burning voices sang such strans and klams in the air of Dengbej…”


He was born in Bingol in 1976. He completed his primary and secondary education in Bingol. He enrolled in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1992. He graduated from this faculty in 1998. He specialized in breast diseases and thoracic surgery in Heybeliada. He worked as a medical specialist in Bingöl and Diyarbakır. He was involved in various non-governmental organizations, in particular SES, TTB. In the 24th term he was a deputy of Bingöl and in the 25th term of Diyarbakır. He was in the İmralı delegation with Sırrı Süreyya Önder and Pervin Buldan during the resolution process that was initiated to end the conflict process. The peace delegation described his work as the most honorable part of his life. He was arrested on November 4, 2016 as part of the political operations against the HDP. He was released at the first hearing on January 30, 2017. He was arrested again on February 21, 2017 for appealing his release decision, a first in the history of the Republic of Turkey. He was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months in prison for his political works and thoughts. His novels Üç Kırık Dal and Oko were published by Dipnot Publishing.

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