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Explain that Istanbul is under the influence of refugees “Silent Invasion” The film’s producer, Hande Karacasu, was arrested.

statement of the police “The person named HK, who manipulated and published the information on asylum seekers and irregular immigrants by distorting the facts in the video content in question, has been caught in Sakarya, and the person named HD, who is believed to be the manager of the account with the Pseudonym ‘military doctor’ who wrote provocative posts about Syrian refugees and irregular migrants was caught in Istanbul and a court case has been launched.” expressions were used.

In a statement issued in the morning, police said the accounts where provocative images were shared identified themselves as Afghan and Pakistani.

Police said an investigation was launched by stating that the accounts, which shared provocative images that were readily available on the internet, were operated with the aim of causing internal unrest in Turkey.


Victory Party leader Ümit Özdağ made a notable contribution after Karacasu’s imprisonment.

Ümit Özdağ stated on his Twitter account that he would bear the film’s production costs. “The short documentary Silent Invasion directed by H. Karacasu was commissioned by me. I paid the construction costs. I approved the script. H. Karacasu showed the results of uncontrolled migration. Syrians are not “people”. Guest. No resentment/hostility” shared his statements.

Here is the full statement on detention:


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