Sad news from the movie Fantastic Four

director JonWatts‘s inclusion in Marvel’s Spider-Man films, which have been hugely successful in recent years, Kevin FeigIt made a little more sense when … announced in 2019 that Watts would direct the studio’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Now, however, Marvel’s plans for the First Family’s return to the big screen appear to have hit a major snag.

a news site JonWatts‘s amicable departure from Fantastic Four filming to take a well-deserved break from making superhero movies. Kevin Feig In a public statement, he said it was a pleasure working with Watts on the last three Spider-Man films and that the studio is keen to work with him in the future.

In Feige’s statement: “Fantastic FourWe’ve been excited to continue working with him to bring ‘into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but we understand and support Watts’ reasons for his departure,’ he said will be an opportunity to work together again.”

Watts in Spider-Man movies Wonder He said working with him was “an incredible and life-changing experience.” wattIt’s not difficult to understand this step backwards that he took to recharge his creativity.

Next Fantastic Four21st, to which Disney previously held the film rights. century foxThere have been some rumors that Marvel are trying to find another director as the characters are being scrambled after taking over . There is currently no predicted release date for the next Fantastic Four.

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