The bull statue, whose restoration was completed, was opened: he climbed on it and said: “Be sensitive”

The bronze bull statue created by the famous French sculptor Isidore Jules Bonheur in 1864 was moved to Altınyol in 1987. While holes were being drilled in the upper parts and horns of the bull statue, which is one of the symbols of Kadıköy, abrasions were observed in many places.

On the other hand, the Istanbul Municipality closed the statue with barriers on April 24, 2022 for maintenance work on the statue. After the restoration work was completed, the statue was reopened. What was remarkable, however, was that many people posed on the statue from day one.

Posing on top of the statue, he said: “Be sensitive”

Kenan Kılıç who took photos on the bull statue, “We ask that this be protected and that our citizens be sensitive to it,” he said. Recalling that he is on Taurus, Kılıç said: “People are curious. That’s why people get on without help.” Süleyman Birlik said: “The bull is a symbol of our Kadıköy. It would be better to take photos without damaging it, without climbing on it. Let’s add some value to the symbol of Kadıköy. Let’s keep it here for many years. It will be better for everyone, it will be better for our tourists. As long as they are removed, this statue will be damaged. We have to warn people, but after a period of time you can no longer warn people.” he said.

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