The new series of TRT1 screens, Blackboard actor Furkan Andıç had an accident on the set

Furkan Andıç had an unfortunate accident while filming the TV series Black Board starring Miray Daner and Cengiz Bozkurt. The anterior cruciate ligament in his right leg was torn as a result of a sudden movement by Andıç as he prepared to go on stage.

The actor was taken to the hospital after the intervention of the medical teams. The famous actor, who doctors deemed appropriate for a 10-day rest period, was taken to Istanbul after his first treatment at Edirne’s 1st Sultan Murat State Hospital.

Andıç continued his treatment at a private hospital in Istanbul, where he underwent surgery. Producer Süreyya Yaşar Önal and director Ender Mihlar visited Furkan Andıç who had an operation which lasted about 3 hours.

Producer Önal used the following expressions in the photo he posted on his Instagram account;

“The injury of our player, dear Furkan Andıç, saddened us and all his fans as a team… I hope he will recover as soon as possible and come back to us and his set. Get well soon, Furkan.”

It was revealed that Andıç was in good health and was discharged from the hospital after the operation and resting at home.

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