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While the T-shaped cult statue found in 1970 in the hamlet of Kilisik in Kahta District of Kahta District of Adıyaman is dated to be the same age as the 12,000-year-old statues in Göbeklitepe, Şanlıurfa, it draws attention for its resemblance to them statues.

The sculpture, which depicts the birth of a woman or goddess, was delivered to the Adıyaman Museum in the year of its discovery. The delivered sculpture was exhibited in the museum in 2013.
After Göbeklitepe came to light and resembled the statue in the Adıyaman Museum, Adıyaman Museum officials conducted an investigation on the possibility of a ruin in the village of Çırakil and the hamlet of Kilisik where the statue is located. No findings were found in the study.

Experts estimate that this statue cannot be alone in the region where it is located.
Mehmet Alkan, Director of Adıyaman Museum, issued a statement on how the statue was found, saying: “The T-shaped statue found in 1970 in Kilisik hamlet of Çıralık village in Kahta district of Adıyaman was found by a Villagers handed over to foreign excavation teams who were digging in Arsemiah at the time.

The foreign excavation team brings the statue and delivers it to the Adıyaman Museum. After being handed over to the Adıyaman Museum, the work found in the warehouse in 2013 will be exhibited. The statue in the Adıyaman Museum was found to be from the same period when Göbeklitepe was excavated and the statues were excavated. In this sculpture, the nativity scene is recreated as a woman or goddess. We have conducted scanning studies in the area where this statue is located. “We interviewed the old people from back then in the village and conducted a survey ourselves, but no results were found,” he said.

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