Narrator and writer Onur Akay said that as a result of an accident at home that his close friend Gönül Yazar had, his left eye was blind and his right eye had blurred vision.

Narrator and writer Onur Akay, who rose to fame in the magazine community under the nickname “Disaster Tellalı,” made statements angering his fans about the health of 85-year-old legendary artist Gönül Yazar, nicknamed “Taş Bebek.”

Akay announced that his close friend, famous artist Gönül Yazar, nicknamed Taş Bebek, had an accident.

“He was completely blind in his left eye”
In his statement, Akay said the following about the writer’s accident process and level of treatment:

“Gönül Yazır had big problems with her eyes. Her left eye went blind. Sister Gönül got out of bed at 03:00 and when the carpet slipped, her eyes caught the sharp part of the wall. Her eyes officially turned aubergine purple. The bruise went away after 16 days, but the blurring started. He waited a year and a half for the blur to pass and he didn’t go to the hospital, but it didn’t. His left eye became completely blind, and when his right eye started blurring, he went to a private hospital and had two separate surgeries. They put on lenses. It was a very expensive operation. I was very touched when he cried and said if he had not saved my eyes it would be better if I died. But thank God he’s doing very well now. He said yesterday that my eyes are like diamonds. He says if anyone climbs the minaret, I will see them.

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