Republic book from the days MORNING!

Republic book from the days MORNING!

With her poetry she draws the consciousness map of being a woman against the tradition of poetry in which male dominance is intense, what men write about women as poetic subjects and their desire to shape themselves, Poet Türkan İldeniz, winner of Pen Poetry Award 2022Reunited with his readers, Everest Publicationsreprinted Country girl is crazy and Eve’s dead endHis new book, composed of his poems accumulated over half a century, volcano under ice with on our cover. Betül Dünder’s article…

– On our third page “Gender equality and Pippi Longstocking!” titled, Astrid Lindgren‘s classic work, which reflects the contrasts to social life and the educational system. Necdet Nedim is located.

– Yasar Aksoy, Cenk Sahin With Cevat Shakirfrom (April 17, 1890 – October 18, 1973) the book in which he describes his whole life, his love for the Blue Voyage and his life in Bodrum with documents. Cevat Şakir – Fisherman of Halicarnassusyour (Social Posts) Speaking of.

-Nursun Erelaction artist Marina AbramovicIn “I dedicate it to friend and foe” his mother tells of his hatred, his test with communism, his love, his sexuality, his heart wounds and plans the “show of his own death”. Walking through walls – an autobiography (Everest Publications / Trans. Dila Altındiş Balci) reviews his book.

-Miyase Ilknur, Prof. DR. Ali Jaman“In the last 20-30 years, evaluations of Alevism apart from scientific methodology, efforts to build a new Alevism apart from history and tradition for political-ideological purposes have made it important and necessary to understand the term Alevis and related concepts. said review Those who aspired to Shah-i Mardan: Kizibas, Alevis, Bektashis‘I (La book) is evaluated.
– Y. Bekir Yurdakul, Sumeyra Guzelthe books written by the children in a warm language, as if invited to an appetizing game to sit next to the children. A history of mathematics (Tudem Releases) and I will solve this problem Crackly‘I (Tudem Releases) into the lens.

– showcases and Mustafa Basaranprepared by crossword Think the traffic goes on.

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