Stepfather’s Lamia was amazing with his change! Burçin Abdullah, the child star of a time, mesmerized with her beauty!

Entry date: 04.05.2022 07:03
Update date: 05/04/2022

Burçin Abdullah, the stepfather’s lamia, grew up and became a mother. Burçin Abdullah, the child actor of the TV series “Stepfather”, which marked the period of its release, surprises with her change. Burçin Abdullah, the 90s child actress, is appreciated with her beauty on social media. Although her childhood was spent on the set, today the beautiful actress leads a quiet life with her family. Burçin Abdullah, who got her first screen experience at a young age, made her debut at the age of 10 with the role of Lamia, which she played in the television series Üvey Baba. The final version of Burçin Abdullah, the main actor of the TV series Üvey Baba, based on Kemalettin Tuğcu’s novel of the same name, surprised viewers. Here’s the latest version of Burçin Abdullah, Lamia the stepfather whose transformation was a social media event, and the child performer transformations that marked a time…

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