The Dragon Mystery – Sophie Jordan Book Summary, Plot and Review

Who is the work of the Dragon Mystery? Who is the author of The Dragon Mystery? What is the theme and main idea of ​​the Dragon Mystery? What is the dragon mystery about? Do you have the Dragon Mystery PDF download link? Who is Sophie Jordan, author of The Dragon Mystery? Here is the summary of the Dragon Mystery book, lyrics, comments and reviews …

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Writer: Sophia Jordan

Translator: Dilan mass

Editor: Ilker Sonmez

original name: disappear

Publisher: Pegasus Releases

ISBN: 9786053432364

Page number: 280

What does the dragon secret tell? Topic, main idea, summary

Jacinda has done incredible things to save the life of the man she loves and revealed the biggest secret of her kind. Now he must return to his pack, knowing that he may never see Will again. Worse, Will’s mind is shrouded in fog and his memories are erased. He doesn’t know why Jacinda had to leave.

Returning to town, Jacinda is met with hostility. Joining the young girl as she must prove her loyalty to herself and her family are the next leader, Cassian, who she’s always wanted, and Tamra, Jacinda’s newly empowered sister. Jacinda needs to forget about Will and get on with her life. But he still hopes they will be secretly together. Will Jacinda be able to follow her heart and risk everything for love?

“With exciting fights, tense escapes, an incredibly handsome and hapless lover, The Dragon Mystery captures your imagination.

– Kirkus ratings

“Full of forbidden love, youthful suffering, incredible powers, mythical creatures, fiery dragons and fiery youth. It grips with its exciting story.”

– Voya

“Jordan’s captivating take on the subject of supernatural unhappy lovers brings together suspense and romance.”

– Book list

Dragon Mystery Quotes – Lyrics

  • A truly loving heart never forgets.

Dragon Mystery Review – Personal reviews

Hallorrr. I am continuing the Draki series after a long break. I liked Dragon Mystery, the second book in the series, more than the first book. Still, the ridiculous choices made by our main character, Jacinda, drove me crazy! I mean he did such things that my daughter is stupid, I couldn’t stop saying stupid! Come on you made that decision why do you regret it right now, stay a word behind you! My nerve coefficient increased while reading! Jacinda is lucky to have two men who, for all their stupidity, genuinely love her! Although I’m Team Will and hated Cassian in the first book, I really felt sorry for him in this book. On top of that, while the subject matter of the series is good, it’s all based on a fait accompli as the books average 300 pages. Unfortunately, there is a lot left up in the air, although I bought the series knowing that it was an average series, the price is also quite cheap. If you like this kind of fantasy novel, you can get it. But I recommend you read this series without getting your expectations too high. My score for the book is 7/10 Stay in Love… (Ilknur Cetinsag)

Do you have the Dragon Mystery PDF download link?

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Who is the author of the book, Sophie Jordan?

Sophie Jordan grew up in the Texas hills where she dreams of dragons, warriors and princesses. A former high school English teacher, she is also the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the historical romance novel Avon. He now lives in Houston with his family. When she’s not writing, she’s breaking through her caffeine overload (she prefers lattes and Diet Cherry Cola), talking to whoever will listen (including her kids) about plans, and stuffing her DVR with true crime and reality TV shows. Sophie writes the paranormal romance under the name Sharie Kohler.

Sophie Jordan Books – Works

  • wedding-night
  • One night with You
  • The Sin of Love
  • Immerse yourself in love
  • dragon fire
  • scandal lover
  • dragon secret
  • surrender to love
  • dragon night
  • foreplay

Sophie Jordan Quotes – Lyrics

  • Isn’t that love? Doing the right thing, what needs to be done, even if it hurts? (dragon night)
  • “I hope you will keep this woman away from this…this scam. Maybe he’s trying to pass off a villain’s baby as Edmund’s kid. I would be ashamed if our friends thought Edmund was unfaithful to me by having a child with his wife.” Tremble’s expression turned painful. “Sure, how abnormal…” Mac mumbled, rolling his eyes. “And with his own wife…” (wedding-night)
  • Didn’t my mother understand? What’s the point of being safe when you’re dead inside? (dragon fire)
  • “I mourned his death. This boy wasn’t afraid to give his heart.” (One night with You)
  • …and I realized that alongside him I was showing both my strongest and my weakest side. I think that was love too. The moments when you are most vulnerable. (dragon night)
  • “Love has a price. He knew that. He would never pay that price again.” (One night with You)
  • That girl wasn’t me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t be the kind of girl he wanted. Not while he was trying to kill a piece of my soul. (dragon fire)
  • Desperate situations called for desperate measures. (wedding-night)
  • “Loving was the easiest part. It didn’t require strength or courage. Power came with how you showed that love and chose to live with it even in a stormy life…” (surrender to love)
  • “A man who preferred sweat and toil to serenity and laziness. He was certainly no gentleman.” (surrender to love)
  • Jane; “You’re awake”. A corner of her lip curled as she straightened up and walked toward him with the stealth of a jungle cat. “Obviously.” “You’re still here,” Jane said. Seth lowered his head until his lips almost touched hers. “You have a boring habit of stating the obvious.” (One night with You)
  • Because smiling brings other things with it. His feelings.. (surrender to love)
  • “It attracts a man of qualities other than beauty.” Real gentlemen always think like that. (wedding-night)
  • “It didn’t matter if you were upset, sorry, or trying to fix it. His father had taught him that mistakes are permanent. A character flaw that cannot be ignored.” (surrender to love)
  • But the ones she will want forever.. (The Sin of Love)
  • My little mud cake… (Immerse yourself in love)
  • “I remember you. You were like the light of a flame burning in this cave, you shone, you were a dancing riot of colors.” (dragon fire)
  • Love is not included in our agreement…. (wedding-night)
  • “It’ll get nice and plump if fed properly,” Lachlan assured him. Eat properly? Kind of animal. (surrender to love)
  • “The answer is not in me, but in your heart.” (One night with You)

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